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Induced Delayra-ium

I -knew- I missed that left turn at Albuquerque

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11 August 1975
Let's see... about me... I only have /how/ much space? Whatever. Let's try this: People say I'm a mutant, and technically -- they're right. I've been known as the weirdest body around my entire life, talk about any subject with me. My birthday's posted above, 5'7" black hair with auburn highlights, eyes so dark they've been described as pools of shadow before, the rest changes without notice. Interests are noted below, as much as I could plus various and sundry other things. That enough?

National Novel Writing Month 2008
The Road to One Million Words

Final Wordcount: 1 , 5 3 7 , 9 1 1

Oh, btw, I qualify as a

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I am the Patron Saint of
Girl Genius, People Subjected to Indignant Ignorance, Surviving Rural Missouri and Dice
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ancient history, animation, anime, anti-bush, artifice, backpacking, batman, bisexual, blackadder, books, boomba hey, brian froud, broken realities, bubble baths, calvin and hobbes, camping, card games, cartoons, cats, cheese, chocolate, city of heroes, cleavage, comic books, comics, computer games, computers, cooking, corsets, cosplay, costuming, creativity, crossplay, cyberpunk, dancing, daydreaming, dice, dogs, dr demento, dreaming, duct-tape, dvds, edeyn edition, el goonish shive, elfquest, english, faeries, fantasy, far side, feminism, fencing, filk, final fantasy, first amendment, fishing, food, freaks, freedom, gaming, gaslamp fantasy, geek girls, geeks, ghosts, girl genius, girls, glbt, goddess, gothic, greece, hackmaster, harry potter, hero 5th edition, hiking, history, hot chocolate, hugs, incense, inside jokes, ireland, japan, juggling, kevin smith, kink, kodt, ladies of hack, language, learning, leather, lesbian, literature, mad science, manga, mental illness, mmorpgs, movies, mp3s, muppets, music, mythology, oddities, origami, otaku, ozy and millie, pern, pixies, poetry, politics, psychology, puns, puppets, queer issues, reading, roleplaying, running, sci-fi, science fiction, sherlock holmes, singing, sketching, sloungers, sociology, something positive, spirituality, stargazing, steampunk, steve jackson games, storycraft, sunsets, synaesthesia, tea, technology, tg, theater, theology, transgender, traveling, true love, urban legends, vga planets, victorian clothing, view askew, webcomics, webmistress, wheel of time, wine, witchcraft, wonder, world of warcraft, world religions, writing

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